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Introducing FOUR themed plant-based recipe collections to delight your taste buds & supercharge your days!

Learning to prepare plants in a way that's easy and delicious will transform your health, your relationship with food, and ultimately your quality of life.

With this set of four eCookbooks, you’ll receive 150 whole-food, plant-based, and SOS-free recipes.

I start you with the most nutritious ingredients and you finish with tasty, nourishing creations!

It's all to help you thrive and shine!

With a master's degree in nutrition and almost a decade of teaching at two of the nation’s leading lifestyle medicine institutions – the TrueNorth Health Center and Dr. McDougall’s residential health programs — my specialty is making the most healing lifestyle EASY and DELICIOUS.

My hope is that these cookbooks will guide you to greater ease in the kitchen, flavor at the table, and vitality in your life!

Don't wait though...

Get the cookbooks and start your journey today!

Chef Katie Mae

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P.S. More about our garden-fresh ingredients:

100% plants (vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, nuts and seeds)

100% vegan (no animal flesh or products)

100% SOS-free (no extracted oils, refined sweeteners, or added salt)

100% gluten-free

P.P.S. Here's exactly what you'll receive with your order:

Delicious Mexican eCookbook (35 pages, 26 recipes, 26 color photographs)

Delicious Italian eCookbook (55 pages, 26 recipes, 25 color photographs)

Delicious Potatoes eCookbook (42 pages, 33 recipes, 33 color photographs)

Delicious Desserts eCookbook (91 pages, 65 recipes, 39 color photographs)

Get All 4 Delicious Cookbooks Today For Just $25

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