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The world of umami is largely unknown, yet it's an absolute gamechanger—in the kitchen and for your health—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We all want more savory deliciousness, but few know how to do this well within the realm of the plant-based lifestyle, and even fewer can create savory, deliciousness in a way that truly nourishes and supports your body and mind.

Join me for The Magic of Umami course and you'll uncover a treasure trove of nutritional science that could quite literally change the health game for you. It's revolutionary biochemistry and physiology that's constantly impacting your well-being. It's in the peer-reviewed published literature, but chances are you've never learned this info, and certainly not in such an easy-to-consume, and delicious way as the Magic of Umami course.

To help you make the most of this training, I'll also share countless culinary tips to help you implement and make your meals excitingly more savory — even irresistible if that's what you want.

What You'll Learn:

Find out why success with a plant-based diet is dependant on it's umami taste

Learn how to create the most savory deliciousness your body will love!

Discover which plant foods give you the most umami & how to increase it

Find out how MSG is vastly different than umami in your whole foods

Understand how MSG and dozens of similar compounds can be excitotoxic to your nervous system

Why MSG, most protein powder, and certain vegan products can cause unnecessary stress and inflammation

Explore the culinary skills to prepare your meals with the best kind of umami

Discover golden strategies to improve your nervous system and mental health

Learn which ingredients to avoid in order to maximize the healing effects of your meals

What's Included:

6 video lessons (from 30-60 min each)

Detailed slides for each video lesson (PDF files)

6 corresponding exercises (for your learning only – not graded)

2 delicious cooking classes to thoroughly support you in the kitchen

2 intensive Q&A Calls

24 delicious umami-rich recipes

The Ultimate Sources of Glutamate Cheatsheet — Super helpful!!!

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When you sign up, you can get started right away! Modules are dripped over 10 days.

No rush though since you're granted lifetime access, which means you can go at your own pace and refer back to the lessons whenever you want.

What is umami?? Just at the turn of the 21st century, flavor scientists officially determined that we have a "fifth taste" in addition to salty, sweet, sour, and bitter, and that taste is umami, or better known as "savory deliciousness."

After years of jaw-dropping research, I've been called to share it with as many people as I can. I created this one-of-a-kind training to simplify the science so it's easy to grasp and then apply it in the kitchen to help you reap the benefits in flavor and health.

In this course, I dive into the biochemistry of umami and excitatory amino acids so that you have a solid understanding when making your daily food choices. I also reveal my very best culinary strategies and tips for crafting whole food, plant-based meals that maximize this fabulous flavor sensation … as well as some shocking unexpected consequences of eating too much umami from processed sources commonly regarded as healthy.

This group training includes FOUR extra classes — two cooking classes and two Q&A calls to help you make the most of this training.

PLUS, I'll be in our private community on a daily basis — answering questions, supporting your healing, and cheering on your savory plant-based creations!

You'll see protein in a whole new light...

It is key to totally reclaiming your health!

As I was learning all this my jaw literally dropped time and time again. You'll be amazed by what we've been missing!

Here's some exciting feedback from former students:

Your umami techniques are savory masterpieces that trick the carnivore into choosing WFPB nutrition—food as medicine, medicine as food. It is thrilling to learn how easily salt, sugar, and oil are healthily replaced—and never missed! My immense gratitude grows daily as I continue to learn how to easily throw together savory and scrumptious WFPB dishes that keep my community coming back for more. — Nelia Sargent

You have been an incredible life-changing inspiration for me. I wanted to make this lifestyle change but I didn’t know where to begin. By learning how to prepare savory plant-based dishes, I had no trouble transitioning because I discovered how flavorful and satisfying eating this way was. I am well on my way to reversing my diabetes and I have lost weight and look and feel better than I have in decades. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! — Diane Tanner

I've been mostly been WFPB for over 10 years. But I've eaten protein bars, and recently added hemp protein powder. In the last 6 months my blood sugar has been creeping up, and I have been mystified as to the cause. After you taught me about refined glutamate, I stopped the protein powder. The next morning I had to check my blood sugar again and again. It was 92!! And it's remained in the low 90’s since. Learning that glutamate is as bad as sugar for feeding cancer cells is a game-changer for me. — Susan Woodward

Sign up below and you'll soon learn the missing link of how your food can either support your physical and mental well-being, or contribute to anxiety, inflammation, and disease, and the savory solutions that could change everything!

If you have any questions at all, email

I'm so excited for you to get started on this savory exploration and discover a path to flavor, vitality, and joy that will rock your world!

Chef Katelin Mae

Become an umami magician

for healing, wholesome flavor!

Lifetime Access: $169

Payment Plan: $33 for 6 months

I'm confident that after this training you’ll be better informed to make life-promoting food and lifestyle choices and better equipped to craft wholesome savory flavor. If it's not a fit, you can get a full refund, within the first 7 days of the course

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